What is reputation marketing / management

and how SEO affects the construction of the same?

One of the most important items when it comes to running a business that involves cooperation with clients is to leave a good impression and build the trust of users. Because of this, every brand attaches great importance to building and maintaining a certain reputation, which can be extremely stressful. The job of an expert is to successfully build and maintain an online brand image that has proven to be successful, in order to instill confidence in both new and existing clients. Building that reputation and relationship with users is what makes your company, and that's why it's important to make efforts to maintain that online reputation and trust, and that's achieved with good reputation management. Professionals are there not only to take care of maintaining the reputation, but also to correct potential mistakes that can happen very easily. Here, again, we come to SEO optimization because it can be of great help in this aspect of running a business. In what way? We will explain as simply as possible.

You already know that building the reputation of your business is not only what you say or write, but also the experiences of your users. No matter how hard you try to take care of each client in the best possible way and to do everything right, bad reviews on Google are often inevitable. In some situations, you may even have witnessed competitors who, either by spreading untruths or by leaving bad comments and ratings, try (albeit unfairly) to make their way by harming others. You can influence the vast majority of the online image and representation of your business, but what do you do when bad reviews happen that appear alongside your website or the keyword that most people use to find you? Applying SEO strategies!

With successful SEO optimization, you can control what will be the first news/information that your users will see when they search for keywords related to your brand. This strategy can successfully improve your image by relegating bad news to the second, third, fifth page of results, while it will be better on the first page. As you know, the first page is the only important one in 90% of cases. Users who find what they are interested in among the first search results will never scroll through the other pages of results. And even when the information is not found immediately, most people will try a different approach to the search, ie. entering other words/sentences rather than scrolling endless Google pages.

Therefore, the successful SEO optimization offered by Total Dizajn can very quickly help as few users see negative news as they will be suppressed. How to do it? The best strategies are, in this case, very simple. This also shows the importance of a Google My Business profile as well as your presence on social networks. Your GMB and links to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. will be enough to take a few first places in the results, if they are well optimized, of course. Google prioritizes social networks, but also photos and videos, when it comes to ranking. By SEO optimization and strategic selection of keywords for these aspects, you can significantly suppress negative news that damages your image. Also, your company can participate in creating more beautiful, positive news, for example by giving an interview or writing a blog from another site, while using important keywords that would suppress negative reviews.

The advantage of repairing a damaged online image is that information changes very quickly, and you can easily fix the situation you are in if you have SEO experts who will advise you and apply the right strategies to improve your online reputation.

I'm a SEO expert and Head of Digital Marketing with 1+ years experience at market-leading Optimized Design in East Central Europe, providing branding, SEO, social media marketing, online reputation management (ORM), web development and digital marketing services to industries like transportation, automotive, art, music etc.

I believe my extensive background in digital marketing would enable me to benefit the company's mission of providing high-quality solutions.