Google does offer a program called "Google Guarantee" for local service businesses that meet certain criteria and pass Google's screening process.

Under this program, if a customer finds a business through Google Local Services Ads and is unsatisfied with the service despite using reputable and qualified professionals, Google may reimburse them for the initial service cost, up to a certain limit.

Here are some key points about Google Guarantee:

Therefore, instead of a singular "Google Guarantee" business, you might come across local service businesses participating in this program and displaying the "Google Guarantee" badge. By choosing such businesses, you potentially benefit from an extra layer of assurance and recourse in case of dissatisfaction.

Remember, using the term "Google Guarantee" alone might not be specific enough.

It's better to refer to the specific business name and mention their participation in the "Google Guarantee" program for clarity.

Whether or not getting "Google Guaranteed" is worth it for your business depends on several factors. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons, as well as the eligible industries in the US:



Eligible Industries in the US:

Here are some of the currently eligible industries in the US (subject to change):

{Appliance repair, auto glass, auto repair, carpet and upholstery cleaning, electrical, event planning, financial planning, garage door installation, home cleaning, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), junk removal, lawn care, locksmith services, pest control, pet grooming, photography, plumbing, roofing, tree services, water damage restoration, window cleaning, and window repair. }

Before deciding, carefully consider:

Ultimately, it's a business decision based on your specific needs and goals. Do your research, compare alternative marketing options, and consider speaking to businesses already using Google Guarantee to gather their insights before making a choice.