SEO STRATEGY for banks, medium and large companies -

Is SEO optimization a key part of success?

Absolutely! If you want users searching for the services you offer, it is necessary to have a well-optimized SEO website. What does that mean? In addition to the already mentioned keywords with the help of which you want potential clients to find you, being on the first page of the Google results list (in other words, SERP) implies detailed work on your site by designers, SEO experts, Digital Strategists, content writers, as well as programmers / developers who code your website. 

As you can see, it is true that SEO optimization includes keywords, but that is only one part of it. SEO includes far more aspects that improve the visibility of your business and ranking on Google. We should not forget the extremely important Google Business profile, Google Maps, as well as Video and Voice search, which is becoming more and more common. You must have noticed yourself that among the first results on your search engine YouTube videos often appear, which are also subject to SEO optimization for successful ranking. All these other aspects can be much more valuable than the keywords themselves when it comes to optimization and attracting clients in the long run, which is what every successful business owner wants, right?

Your SEO STRATEGIST should be transparent and build a long-term strategy together with you that will present your brand in the best possible way and enable you to translate your story, description of services, ideas and goals into an online presence through a well-optimized website. This applies both to novice startup projects and to large corporations such as banks, gaming studios, and the like. One-time optimization often leads to currently good results that are easily lost, bearing in mind that Google changes its algorithms and the way it ranks sites. Constant work on your website, marketing strategies and communication with users is the only real recipe for success when it comes to online and offline presence. Therefore, if you are looking for experts who will make SEO for IT and other industries provide excellent rankings and build a brand image the way you imagined it, get OPTIMIZED and Predrag Petrovic SEO Strategist will be at your disposal.